ID TheftSmart

Enroll in ID TheftSmart today!

We offer two Identity Theft Protection Programs.

Please call 269-469-2222 or stop in to any location for more details!

Protection, Detection, and Restoration Program is Free to 55 Prime Account Holders and $2 to all other Account Holders.

Credit Monitoring Program is $3 for 55 Prime Account Holders and $5 for all other Account Holders.

The above price is per month and per person.


Protection, Detection, Restoration Program


  • Consultations on best practices for managing personal identification information.
  • Safety guidelines for communicating and interacting online.
  • Information about your rights concerning identity theft under Federal and State Laws.
  • Consult on best practices for consumer privacy.
  • An action plan when information has been compromised.
  • Help interpreting and analyzing your credit report.
  • Assist in the event of a Stolen/Lost Wallet.
  • Fraud Alert Assistance
  • Credit Freeze Consultation

Credit Monitoring Program


  • Monthly credit monitoring of: new account openings, credit inquiries, payment delinquencies, public record changes, and change of address.
  • Includes the Protection, Detection, and Restoration Program.
  • Have access to trained credit specialists to answer data questions.
  • If signed up electronically you will receive alerts via email within a day or two of any activity.
  • If signed up by mail you will receive a monthly letter of any activity.




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